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Bergan Cat Carrier with Window

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Eliminate the obstruction of mesh and offer your feline friend an unobstructed view of the world with the Bergan Cat Carrier. This carrier provides your cat with an unparalleled, clear panoramic perspective. A plastic bubble situated at one end furnishes nearly 360-degree visibility, allowing your cat to observe their surroundings comprehensively. Tailor-made for vet visits or outings to the park, this carrier assures a comfortable and secure travel experience. Additionally, it meets airline regulations, streamlining air travel procedures. Enhance your cat's travel ventures with the Bergan Cat Carrier, where clear visibility and airline compliance converge to provide a stress-free and engaging journey.

  • Features a panoramic viewing window at one end for nearly 360-degree views
  • Mesh windows provide ventilation
  • Washable fleece base makes keeping the carrier clean easy
  • Compliant with most U.S.-based airline rules for in-cabin air travel
  • Good for cats 15 pounds or lighter
  • Seat belt loops make for a secure car ride
  • 20" L x 9.75" W x 11" H



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