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Galapagos Reptile Gear CrashPad Mossy Terrarium Liner Substrate 18 x 36 in

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The Galápagos CrashPad™ Mossy Terrarium Liner is made from 100% real moss and a durable plastic netting. It is easy to clean and a perfect substrate for iguanas, crested geckos, dart frogs, day geckos, and similar species. It comes in a resealable bag and measures 18” x 36”, but can be easily cut by hand to fit any terrarium.

  • Easy: Soft and Easy to Clean!
  • High Absorbency: Controls Tropical Humidity
  • Dust-Free: Washed & Sieved for a Dust-Free Bedding
  • 100% Safe: Free from Salt Chemicals, Oils, and Parasites
  • Reduces chance of accidental ingestion of substrate
  • 18″ x 36″ size can be cut easily


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