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A&E Vitapol Vitaline Smakers Paradise for Small/Medium Parrots 2 pk

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The range of complementay foods VITAPOL VITALINE consists of diet supplements and bird snacks based on wild seeds. Compositions rich in vitamins and minerals, recommended for daily application for prohyhlaxis. In that offer, you can find charcoals which bind toxins detrimental to health of birds, and algae which enrich the bird's diet with valuable iodine and minerals.

Complementary pet food. Ingredients: yellow millet, wheat flour, dried strawberries (11%), dried elderberries (11%), canary grass seed, red millet, red sorghum, dried kiwi, dried goji berries (1.5%), amaranth seeds, dried rose petals (0.5%). Analytical constituents: crude protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 8%, crude fat min. 4.3%, crude fiber max. 10.73%, crude ash max. 3.57%, phosphorus min. 0%, calcium min. 0%, calcium max. 0.69%, moisture max. 12%.


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