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A&E Vitapol Vitaline Smakers Super Foods for Small/Medium Birds 2 pk

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  • Smakers Vitaline Super Foods Treat Stick is a 100% natural treat perfect for small to medium birds
  • Full of delicious, dried fruits that are a source of numerous vitamins and minerals that are preserved thanks to the low-temperature production method
  • This Healthy treat stick is a treasury of vitamins and other valuable minerals supporting the birds health
  • Designed for the health of the bird, including its hard structure additionally cares for the beak, supporting their regular abrasion
Wheat Flour, Canary Grass Seed, Wheat Flower, Red Sorghym, Chia Seeds, Yellow Millet, Black Cumin Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Red Clover Seeds, Grass Seeds, Lettuce Seeds


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